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Thursday Nights

Theology Thursdays | 7 PM | Village Church Upper Room (3rd Floor)


May 2019

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Confessing that racism sucks is the easy part. Confessing we’re part of the problem…that’s a little harder. In this series we’ll get honest about our part in the system of racism, and confront our own fragility that perpetuates the problems. This series aligns with our Sermon Series running May 19 - June 2, where we’ll be engaging in a conversation about race and racism in worship. Start the conversation here as we read White Fragility together, and come to worship as we repent, and seek good news.

Line Up:

May 9 | Introductions & Definitions

May 16 | Confronting the Systems: Chapters 1 - 3

May 23 | Confronting Ourselves: Chapters 4 - 7

May 30 | Fragility & Forward Movement: Chapters 8 - 12


Because of the nature of conversation that will happen in this series, we’re asking you to sign up beforehand (like, now)! If you don’t, you’re still welcome. But signing up makes us happy…

Theology Thursdays

Every Thursday night we get together to eat, drink, and check in with one another about life and faith and whatever feels best and worst that week. Sometimes we read scripture. Sometimes we learn about theologians. Sometimes we read books. And sometimes we just rest and "sigh" together.

This is how we started this ministry in the spring of 2016, and what we've learned is this: loneliness sucks. It's really the worst, and not how we're created to be. Finding people to figure it all out with is one of our greatest longings. 

But we're finicky creatures, and even confessing we get lonely, we're also guilty of wanting community to happen to us. It won't. It doesn't matter how much we want connection with other humans, it doesn't just happen. You have to put in some work.

So if you're seeking connection with a community that is honest in their tripping together in adulthood as we seek together to be the people God wants us to be, show up. Turn off the Netflix (just for a couple hours). Put in the time. We'll feed you. And you won't regret it. We need you here as much as you need to be here, so it works out quite well.