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Village Presbyterian Church Young Adult Ministry

Thursday Nights

Thursday Nights | 6:30 PM | Village Presbyterian Church (in the Upper Room)


Every Thursday night we get together to eat, drink, and check in with one another about life and faith and whatever feels best and worst that week. Sometimes we read scripture. Sometimes we learn about theologians. Sometimes we read books. And sometimes we just rest and "sigh" together.

This is how we started this ministry in the spring of 2016, and what we've learned is this: loneliness sucks. It's really the worst, and not how we're created to be. Finding people to figure it all out with is one of our greatest longings. 

But we're finicky creatures, and even confessing we get lonely, we're also guilty of wanting community to happen to us. It won't. It doesn't matter how much we want connection with other humans, it doesn't just happen. You have to put in some work.

So if you're seeking connection with a community that is honest in their tripping together in adulthood as we seek together to be the people God wants us to be, show up. Turn off the Netflix (just for a couple hours, then you can resume). Put in the time. We'll feed you. And you won't regret it. We need you here as much as you need to be here, so it works out quite well.


Winter 2019

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In looking through lesser known biblical characters, it’s astounding how many of them are female. They are featured prominently among our sacred stories, but they are much less likely to appear in Sunday School curriculums. In this era of #MeToo, as our world awakens to our long-held practice of silencing women, we’re revisiting the stories of women who have shaped our faith in the shadows of thousands of years of patriarchy. These are Her stories.

Line Up:

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January 10 | Intro: All the Bible Ladies

January 17 | Eve: Fear of the Feminine Origin Story

January 24 | Tamar & Rahab: Prostitutes or Protectresses?

January 31 | No Exodus Without Her

February 7 | For Such a Time As This (Snow Day!)

February 14 | Valentines Day on the Threshing floor

February 21 | In the shadow of kings

February 28 | Hail all the Marys


Fall 2018: Presbyterian Theology 101

Theology: THēˈäləjē, noun. The study of the nature of God and religious beliefs.  

Why are there 18 different kinds of presbyterian? Does the Bible matter? Are humans mostly good or mostly bad? What in the h*&% is the Trinity?

We have lots of questions. And while most things in life and faith don't offer concrete answers, we are standing on a mountain of wisdom of those who have lived their faith and found some truths. We'll spend this fall doing some deep dives into (what we consider) our most important theological constructs. If that sentence sounds confusing, get in here.