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Vote 2018

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Primary Election: AUGUST 7

General Election: NOVEMBER 6

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Election Trivia Night Event!

For more information about the Voter to Voter Project, click here:

Get out the Vote - Join our Voter to Voter Team!

Our friends at Mainstream Coalition have recently started a new voter turnout initiative called "Voter to Voter." They've learned through research that people go vote when people they know encourage them, remind them, vote with them. Makes sense. So they've received some grant money to find out if we can use this "encourage a friend" method to increase voting rates here in Kansas. They've asked us to participate, and since we believe our faith is best lived when we are socially engaged, we said, heck yes. 

We’re looking for Voting Ambassadors who will each commit to getting 5 - 10 people they ALREADY KNOW to go and vote. There's an online tracking component that Ambassadors will need to be trained in. This project is only happening in Kansas. Ambassadors are allowed to be Missouri residents, but all your "go vote" friends will need to be from the Kansas side. If you're interested and willing, apply here!

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Need help voting?

Voting can be confusing. We've done some work to make sure we know how/when/where to cast our ballots. So let us help!

If you'd like some help understanding the voting process, let us know. One of our Young Adult Voting Ambassadors will be in touch to teach, help, and even drive you to your polling place if desired! 

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