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About YA Ministry.

Young Adult Ministry @Village Presbyterian Church



Rev. Hallie Hottle
Pastor for Young Adult Ministry

Becky Bliss
Young Adult Ministry Coordinator

Phone: 913.671.2334

In 2016 Village Presbyterian Church made a commitment to ministry especially to and for Young Adults (college students, and 20s and 30s). As an established  congregation of 70 years, we recognize our world is vastly different than it was when many of our practices were first created. So, we're experimenting with who God is calling the Church to be in this day with our young adults, learning from their innovative creativity and passion, while standing on the shoulders of those who led our faith for all our history.

Village Presbyterian Church is part of the Presbyterian Church, USA. We're a thoughtful, inclusive family of faith, where incarnation is experienced, relationships are shaped and cherished, mission is a way of life, and justice is practiced. All 20s and 30s are invited into this community, any time. And when we say “all,” that’s what we mean. Village Church has been ordaining and marrying LGBTQIA+ persons since before it was cool. Our Young Adult community is representative of all God’s children, and we believe our diversity of sex and gender identity makes us more beautiful. Love is love, and we’re big fans of love. Amen?

Check out this site for all info and goings-on with Young Adult Ministry. Questions? Hallie and Becky are happy to receive your calls and emails. To learn more about Village Presbyterian Church as a whole, click below!

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