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"Service" can mean a lot of things. As socially conscious, faithful millennials, we're careful to choose "relationship" over "project," hoping the work we engage in creates lasting goodness for those we engage with, and challenges and changes our often insulated hearts. So, here are some things we're working on. Jump in where you can, and if you have more ideas, send 'um our way!


Grandview Park Presbyterian Church Kitchen Project

Grandview Park PC is an old, super cool church north of our own campus. They serve the community directly around them, which is now mostly Hispanic/Latinx. In this current national climate that has become increasingly hostile to our immigrant communities, we're saying "nope" by loving on our friends at Grandview Park PC a little more intensely. One way we're doing that is by funding the renovation of their kitchen. They serve about 100+ kids through summer and after-school programs, which includes lots of food. If you can spare some dollars to ensure the project is complete, please do. If you'd like to be involved in future work with Grandview Park PC, let us know that too. The work is better when we do it together.


Our friends at Mainstream Coalition have recently started a new voter turnout initiative called "Voter to Voter." They've learned through research that people go vote when people they know encourage them, remind them, vote with them. Makes sense. So they've received some grant money to find out if we can use this "encourage a friend" method to increase voting rates here in Kansas. They've asked us to participate, and since we believe our faith is best lived when we are socially engaged, we said, heck yes. 

Beginning June 2018, we'll be looking for 10 Ambassadors who will each commit to getting 10 people they ALREADY KNOW to go and vote. There's an online tracking component that Ambassadors will need to be trained in. This project is only happening in Kansas. Ambassadors are allowed to be Missouri residents, but all your "go vote" friends will need to be from the Kansas side. If you're interested and willing, apply here!



Research says millennials are ageist. Like, we only want to hang out with other millennials. We say...hooey

Every month we ask our folks to get together in groups of 2 - 4, and deliver some birthday cheer to our oldest members. Our 90+ friends have much they can teach us. And no age is too old for birthday balloons. Want to join a group of birthday-cheer-givers? We need you!

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Saturday afternoons our friends with the Arabic Christian Fellowship meet with the Syrian refugee families in KC for ESL classes. While they learn together, we gather the children for art and play. Check for next date and RSVP on the calendar.

Children are welcome to come with Young Adult parents!