Young Adult Ministry
Village Presbyterian Church Young Adult Ministry



Worship Opportunities

We believe worship is the heart of Christian community. Fortunately, Village Church has a rich worship history that gives us multiple opportunities to engage in worship. It doesn't matter which one you choose. Pick whatever speaks your soul's language, and worship!


The Gathering

Every Sunday, 5 p.m., Friendship Hall

Many of our young adults choose to worship together in The Gathering, our alternative worship service. Music is led by Becky and Nathan Bliss. Rev. Hallie Hottle coordinates the service. And our preacher is the same as our sanctuary services. "Alternative" applies to our style, not our facts. We participate in Holy Communion every week, and have potluck dinners periodically. If worship isn't something you've done a lot of in your life, try this.

sanctuary worship.jpg

Village on Mission - Sanctuary Worship

Sundays (June - August): 9:30 & 11 a.m.
Sundays (September - May): 8, 9:30, 11 a.m.

Our sanctuary worship is led by all of our Village pastors, the Village Choir, and other musical ensembles every week. Hymns are sung and the organ is played. If your heart is longing for traditional worship, come here! All sanctuary services are also streamed live online. If you can't make it to worship, tune in here.

VOA worship.jpg

Village on Antioch - Sanctuary Worship

Sundays (June - August): 10 a.m.
Sundays (September - May): 9:30 a.m.

In February of 2017 we started our first satellite campus, called Village on Antioch. It's located at 148th St. and Antioch, in southern Johnson County. If you feel called to traditional worship and are wanting a more intimate setting, come here!